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An Illustrated Guide to  the 285 Most Popular  
Electro-Mechanical & Series E Models
Third Revised Edition - FifthPrinting - $15 + $2.50 P&H
  An essential book for owners of Bally slot machines that pictures, describes the features and dates all the important Electro-Mechanical and Series E slots.147 Electro- Mechanicals listed. 60 pictured, 50 with original ad flyers.148 Series E listed with 13 pages of original flyers. Only $15.00 add $2.50 for P&H. Dealer discount available.

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    ATTN DEALERS: We offer a 40% discount when buying 5 or more of single or mixed titles of the publications above. It is very beneficial to give a manual with each machine sold. The buyer appreciates the gift and will be able to do his own servicing and make minor repairs.

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