Liberty Belle-Reno
Established November1958 and closed March 2006

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  Swinging Door
As a side venture Marsh and Frank Fey, along with Brother Ed and a friend, opened the Swinging Door (a beer only bar) in San Mateo, California during December of 1955. Both brothers being Bachelors had enough spare money to buy two coin-operated pianos, a player piano, a Mills Violin Virtuoso and an Edison Mltiphone.This was to be the beginning of the huge Liberty Belle Collection.
Moving theSwinging DoorCollection to theLiberty Belle

It took three large rented, U-Haul trailer loads to move the many, heavy machines shown on the left: Top row: 1908 Uncle Sam, 1935 German Egg Layer and a 1908 Multiphone. middle row gumball slot and a 1920 Mills Violano Virtuoso. bottom row: 1947 Wurlitzer Juke box, 1991 Mutoscope, 1895 Donkey Fortune Teller and a 1905 Auto Steroscope.

Not shown in the picture at the left and also hauled to Reno by trailer were a second Violano Virtuoso, two coin-operated pianos a player piano and numerous other early pieces of memorabilia.

C. 2000


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