Juke Boxes 1889-1993


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Volume 1 of Frank Adams Juke Box Series Jukeboxes 1900-1992: Obscure, Mysterious and Innovative American Jukeboxes.
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 Capehart 28 record Orchestrope


 Jukeboxes, Volumne 1, by Frank Adans PhD is 8 1/2 by 11, 182 pages. It chronicles the history of coin operated music from the 1900 Edison, the 1906 Hexaphone and the introduction by 1928 of amplified 78rpm jukes like the Capehart Orchestrope and the Mills Automatic Phonograph. Mills used a ferris wheel arrangement to store the records until they changed to conventiional stacking in the 1939 "Throne of Music." $30 plus $4.05 S&H.

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