Edmund Fey Arcade Machines

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Ed Fey, Sr. Inventions Duck Range

Ed Fey's main arcade at Playland in San Francisco was near a shooting gallery. This would give him the inspiration to make a coin-operated version. His original range had one gun and one row of traveling ducks. Later he built two player games with two guns and two rows of ducks.

On Gun one row of Ducks Two Guns Two Rows of Ducks
K.O. Fighters


In 1926 Ed Fey was listening to a world' champion boxing match. He imagined that a coin-operated fight game would make a great arcade piece. The two players would activate the boxer's arms with the two triggers on the guns. When the pin on the opposing player's jaw was hit the boxer would be knocked down.

Fey received a patent for his invention in five countries.This very popular machine was manufactured by National Novelty of Minnesota and was protect by his patent and a subsequent one by another inventor.

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