Charles Fey Slot Machines

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Charles Fey: Prolific Slot Machine Innovator
 The two discs of the 1907 SILVER CUP spun in opposite directions When lining up two of the same color adjacent to each other the machine would automatically pay small pays from 2 to 40 coins. The sophisticated multi-coin mechanism and the aesthetic case excelled in both design and beauty.  The 1926 ROCK-A-WAY used a wheel depicting two girls on a teeter-totter that rocked back and forth as the nickel dropped down through the playing field. Hopefully, the coin would enter one of the five cups that would release the corresponding pot of coins below.
Charlie Fey Made A Large Variety of Trade Stimulators

 1929 THE ACE

 1931 RENO




 1924 3-IN-1

This popular poker game, which had a hold -and-draw feature, was one of Fey's best selling trade stimulators that he invented manufactured, operated and sold during his later years. It's mechanism was unique in that it used horseshoe shaped magnets to stop the wheels of cards.

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